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Generate exclusive pre-qualified Solar Leads Appointments using YouTube Ads

Automate your solar lead generation with people searching to go solar on YouTube!

  • Youtube is the #1 video platform in the world and #2 search engine with over 200 million monthly active users.
  • Solar prospects are prone to take more time and have more patience to become fully educated about what their solar system might entail. Because of this, Youtube is the optimal research option for Solar prospects and it is where your ads need to be.
  • YT ensures quality leads because you’re targeting consumers who are literally searching for solar, not just scrolling through their feed like other social media platforms.
  • On average, YouTube ads generate more traffic in views, clicks, and purchases than Facebook ads for the same ad spend.
  • 80% of people watch YouTube videos when buying products, and that number is even higher for solar installations because a significant purchase is required.